In 2006, we reorganized the R&D team and recruited elites which from top universities and possessed rich experience in pharmaceutical industry. Apart from transplanting existing technical platform, the R&D team starts to develop novel drug delivery System (NDS), drug sustained-release dosage form, and non-infringed manufacturing process. R&D team also keeps further improving the existing product to enhance product characteristics and competitive edge.


  • Obtain PIC/S GMP certification.
  • Research and develop solid dosage forms: oral slow-released tablets, oral slow-released granules.
  • Research and develop semi-solid dosage forms: Micro/Nano emulsified formulations, liposome technology.
  • Inspect and analyze.
  • Contract manufacture.
  • Generic drugs market develop.


  • Micro-emulsified technology: unique technology lessen the emulsified particle size from 400nm to 100nm and make it easier to infiltrate the skin layers. Micro-emulsified technology can coordinate with the supercritical fluid technology, make solution well-emulsified, and help active ingredients absorption.
  • Liposome technology: the lipid bilayer can clad active ingredients and assist delivery.
  • Multiple layer capsulations: the latest cosmetics manufacturing process. Multiple layers can protect active ingredients, control releasing rate, and enhance active ingredients absorption and effects.

Supplement foods

  • High-quality control and manufacture monitoring: the same as the PIC/S GMP standard.
  • Collect unique, functional raw materials.
  • Develop and design the formulation of compound nutritional supplements.
  • Develop various formulations of functional products.